Bios World's penultimate aim is to transform the economic standard and henceforth bring initiatives for a sustainable and green environment to meet the social demands of the century. Bios World is the driving force that will change millions of lives worldwide by acting to preserve, protect, and care for Biodiversity.


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We are excited to announce that we have opened a private restricted token sale. We are delighted to give away 10% Bonus for your initial strategic purchase.


While the projects and firms are heading towards colonizing Mars, we at Bios World strive to make the Earth a better place to live in. But, unfortunately, in the hustle of technological advancements, we forgot the sole purpose of humans: To protect nature; Bios World is heading towards creating a planet with a longer life expectancy.

With the bespoken use of technology, Bios World aims to preserve, protect, and care for Biodiversity. We aim to deliver the best metaverse-based farming platform while creating funds to save the endangered species on the verge of extinction.


Meme with a purpose

Meme coins have been the recent craze in the cryptocurrency space. They are often the best alternative for native tokens like BTC, ETH, and BNB. Meme coins redefined the potential of crypto assets as a store of value through enormous gains in the shortest duration possible. But what makes people hesitate to adopt conventional meme coins is: they do not have a purpose.

BIOSW aims to stay in the market forever, creating a stable and sustainable meme coin of all time that has the sole purpose of preserving Biodiversity and saving animals on the verge of extinction. In addition to the noble cause, BIOSW is fueled by the deflationary and rebasing mechanism that enhances its stability.

About Bios World

An NFT based metaverse platform where the most promising technologies meet the current demands of the world.

Bios World is a team of brilliant minds that wishes to perform noble deeds, preserving nature in its own way. Bios World develops robust use cases, including the NFT marketplace and Farming game, to create awareness on the importance of Biodiversity among the people in the blockchain space.

With the increasing user base of the Bios World platform, the necessity for preserving Biodiversity will be widespread. Deforestation will no more be encouraged, as we are here to put a full stop. This initiative of Bios World will lead to the paths for a more sustainable economic recovery and harmonious life on Earth.


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Bios World Metaplay transforms gaming because here you play to protect and preserve biodiversity.

Bios World uses smart contracts to the fullest to automate multiple features in the games. In other words, Bios World wants to make games accessible to everyone on the internet by making it an open community without any centralized backend system. Proof of ownership to ensure the authenticity of in-game assets like trees and animals becomes the foundational pillar of the game. Indeed, Bios World has built a robust gaming metaverse.

Play, Protect and Preserve



Do you wish to donate?

Bios World aims to preserve, protect, and care for biodiversity. This is achieved mainly through the generous donations we receive from donors worldwide.

If you would also like to donate, please use the official BNB wallet here to contribute your donation:

Accepted: BNB

How does Bios World work?


The NFT marketplace to buy and sell land, trees, zoos, and other biodiversity elements


Bios World supports a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for protecting biodiversity and endangered species.


Bios has its own metaverse-based farming game that lets people create their own biodiverse lands or forests to develop them into zoos by raising animals and planting trees.

Once the zoo is mature, they can sell them at the NFT marketplace or incur entrance fees from the visitors in BIOSW tokens. In addition, a charity wallet will make donations to real-life Biodiversity more transparent.

Token mechanism

BIOSW - Token Mechanism

BIOSW is based on a deflationary and rebasing mechanism to enhance liquidity. Rug pull is the most common issue any decentralized platform faces due to a lack of liquidity. Bio World incurs a fee of 18% on every transaction occurring in the network, of which 5% is liquidity locked. This ensures enough liquidity in the BIOSW pool as it feeds back on every transaction.

In addition to serving the purpose of biodiversity preservation, BIOS becomes the best alternative for mining and staking crypto. Mining cryptocurrencies is an active process that requires more processing power and hardware equipment. With the BIOSW token, the community members earn by just holding the tokens. 8% of the total fee incurred is dropped to the holder's wallets.

BIOSW Burning


The volatility is the main reason hindering the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. To put an end to this, an asset must have a limited supply and grow, just like how BIOSW is designed. 5% of the tokens will be automatically burnt through smart contracts on every transaction. This reduces the number of BIOSW coins in circulation against its demand. It has multiple use cases, including a farming game.

The metaverse coins are the next evolutionary tokens in the market. BIOSW being the utility token for Bio World's metaverse biodiversity arena, is prophetic to attract many people just like how AXIE did.


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Bios World delivers sustainable and innovative technologies that the new global economic paradigm demands, to promote socio-economic development in harmony with the different life forms on Earth. Bios World is the driving force that will change millions of lives worldwide.


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